About the Club

The Club was formed in the late 1970′s with the aim of encouraging members to train their dogs and hold shows. The Kennel Club approved the formation of the Club on February 25th 1979, and the first Chairman was Mr Eddie Mould. Mrs Kate Paxton was appointed Secretary, and Dr Sue Pirie later succeeded as Chairman in 1980. Marje Burt took over from Sue in 2003 and in turn was succeeded by Maggy Halliday when Marje decided to retire in 2013.

The Club has always hosted a variety of events, some of the notable early ones being a talk on orthopaedic problems by Professor Vaughan from the Royal Veterinary College, and later a film evening on working gundogs was organised by the renowned Auriel Mason. A Working section was set up in 1980 and training sessions were run on ground at Essendon, by kind permission of the Marquis of Salisbury, with the object of encouraging owners to find out about the working abilities of their breeds.


Current Officers and Committee